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We all know that Nepal is rich in Nature as we can find numerous beautiful Himalayas, verities of rare flora and fauna, plenty of National parks and waterfalls, charming lakes and rivers, ancient Temples and Gumbas, and many more. We human always love to enjoy with nature and keep in touch with it. BAT aims to cover your walls with those beautiful natural pictures of your favorites. You can select any of spectacular scenes; we will print them for you in your appropriate dimension.
Not only the beautiful scenes as your wallpaper, we also offer you many of our creative designs. Those designs can be printed as a pattern to fit your wall’s dimension with any background color of your choice. Moreover, we offer you to print your beautiful memories on very high-quality canvas fabric in your layout choice, artistically update your room and release your precious memories on your walls. Now you will find your world within your room.
We continuously update beautiful wallpapers that they fit with room’s dimension and match with your wall palette. Make your room lively and cheerful with your choice of models.

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